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Cinematic Worlds That’ll Make You Long For Space Travel

To celebrate the release of Ghost In The Shell on digital download from July 24th, we’ve been searching for some of the most stunning science-fiction landscapes created for cinema. So feast your eyes on these beautiful, other-w...

Jennifer Lawrence Ready To Take A Dive

As her Hunger Games days come to a close Jennifer Lawrence is increasingly on the look out for new projects to star in.  One such project is James Cameron’s long gestating film The Dive which Lawrence is now attached to s...


Ten of The Best – Sexy Female Aliens

To mark the release of Under the Skin on DVD and Blu-ray on 21st July 2014, FilmJuice Editor Alex Moss takes a look back at the sexiest female aliens to have graced cinema screens over the years. From the surreal to the outrigh...

Colonel Quaritch Will Rise From The Grave For Avatar Sequels

Stephen Lang, the actor best known for his villainous role in James Cameron’s box office behemoth Avatar, is returning to the role for the upcoming three Avatar sequels.  “But wait”, you say, the last time we saw Quaritch he ha...


Avatar Now Getting THREE Sequels

James Cameron, the man responsible for the two biggest grossing films of all time in Titanic and Avatar, has long been talking of making at least two Avatar sequels but has now gone one further to make it three.  Cameron has be...

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson To Terminate?

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the actor who has provided an adrenaline injection for franchises such as GI Joe and Fast & Furious, could be about to join The Terminator franchise.  While no official talks have opened between t...