Avatar Now Getting THREE Sequels

In News by Alex Moss Editor

James Cameron, the man responsible for the two biggest grossing films of all time in Titanic and Avatar, has long been talking of making at least two Avatar sequels but has now gone one further to make it three.  Cameron has been spending time in New Zealand, fleshing out the world of Pandora, and it seems he may have caught some of that back-to-back sequel virus from The Hobbit’s Peter Jackson as he now plans to shoot three Avatar films in succession to have them released a year apart from 2016 onwards.

Quite where the story of the big blue aliens will lead is anyone’s guess although, as always with Cameron, he’s hinted that we will get to explore the vast oceans of the world he has created.  In order to help him with the mammoth task of writing three films at once he’s recruited some talented screenwriters to help him with the process.  Black Dahlia writer Josh Friedman was announced yesterday to be helping on Avatar 2 while Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver will pen one of the other two films with Savages scribe Shane Salerno penning the other.

In a statement from Cameron and studio 20th Century Fox, Cameron stated that while he was looking into the world of Avatar he realised that there was simply too much story he wanted to tell in just two films.  While this is very good news for Avatar fans it is bad news for those wanting to see Cameron’s sci-fi adaptation of Battle Angel which will presumably now be pushed back even further.  Source – Deadline