John Cusack And Samuel L. Jackson Team For Cell

In News by Alex Moss Editor

The last time John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson appeared on screen together it was for the adaptation of Stephen King’s haunted hotel horror (no not that one) 1408.  Now it seems the horror master is bringing them together again with news that Cusack and Jackson will star together in the long gestating adaption of King’s Cell.  The story will see Cusack as a man fleeing Boston when a mysterious phone signal starts causing all cell phone users to go violently insane.  Jackson will play a soldier who teams with Cusack to aid in their escape.  The script has been written by King himself with the help of Adam Alleca and will be directed by Paranormal Activity 2’s Tod Williams.  Before they start worrying about their mobile contract Jackson will next be seen in Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy and then another remake for Robocop while Cusack has Grand Piano and The Butler coming soon.  Source – The Hollywood Reporter