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Kings of Comedy

When was the last time you laughed – I mean really laughed – at the cinema? While studios are desperately churning out the same tired teenage-baiting formula

When was the last time you
laughed – I mean really laughed – at the cinema? While
studios are desperately churning out the same tired teenage-baiting formula
(Scary Movie 10, Big Momma’s House of Wax etc) or relying on a 2/3-star Vince
Vaughn vehicle to see them through (Dilemma, Couples Retreat) doesn’t it seem
like the days of Airplane!, Naked Gun and even Anchorman are distant memories.
the Farrelly Brothers “Hall Pass” hitting out screens this week will the former comedy maestros bring some laughs back with them,
and if they don’t then who will?

Farrelly Brothers

Having provided some
great laughs thanks to Dumb and Dumber and There’s
Something About Mary,
recent attempts to inject a level of
seriousness into the laughter veins have seen mixed results. Shallow Hal, The
Ringer and Stuck On You wasted good performers, and sadly advance word
suggest Hall Pass
continues the trend.
Rejoice then
with news that the brother’s first sequel is in the pipeline apparently,
exploring Dumb and Dumber’s Harry and Lloyd twenty years on. With that
and the never-ending Three Stooges movie on the horizon, perhaps
their comedy crown will be rightfully restored.

Edgar Wright/Simon
Pegg/Nick Frost

Well, the hot British
trio might have been pursuing their own solo ideas recently to varying degrees
of success – for every inventive Scott Pilgrim there’s a lackluster Paul – so the final
part of their self-penned Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy (or Three
Flavours Cornetto) should see the threesome re-team for more magical mayhem.
After the success of both Shaun and Hot Fuzz (pic), the
third film
(rumoured to be a Western), and provisionally titled The
World’s End
, should not be confused with a rather confusing third
Pirates film, but in fact the completion of one of the best comedy trilogies
cinema has ever seen.

David & Jerry Zucker

Which brings us rather
nicely to the pair that managed it last with their excellent Naked Gun
Although it might be wishful thinking to suggest they could
recapture those glory days (no doubt made harder by Leslie Nielsen’s departure)
we’d settle for something akin to Top Secret, or – fingers
crossed – their finest moment, Airplane! After the pretty
terrible last two Scary Movie entries (although better than the second) David
Zucker’s been pretty quiet recently while brother Jerry’s writing on Friends
With Benefits
looks promising. With so many genres left untapped, surely
the brothers can muster the magic
for one good last stab?

Sacha Baron Cohen

If not, then perhaps Baron
Cohen and his brother-in-arms Larry Charles, can help tickle our
funny bones some more after Borat and Bruno’s laughs. Next
year’s The Dictator
promises to be a dark delve into black comedy territory with Cohen
playing a Saddam Hussein-style tyrant. If that wasn’t promising
enough, the fact that Seinfeld writers Schaffer, Berg and
Mandel are involved should mean it’s a guaranteed hoot.

Steve Coogan

Another Brit with a potential
comedy-gold movie in the pipeline, and currently whetting our appetite
through a series of
online shorts
with the character is the exciting news an Alan Partridge
movie is on the way. After some reluctance on fellow writer Armando
Iannucci’s part, perhaps the success of In The Loop has helped
reinvigorate his involvement and with his Mid-Morning Matter shorts, Coogan seems
to be laying the path for a welcome return. There would certainly be a lot of
love for this project, even if the last TV outing was something of a
disappointment. Anything less than hilarious though would be a similar let

Mitch Hurwitz

So out best bet probably
comes from the pen of Arrested
Development scribe Hurwitz
who seems to have finally got the
cast together and, as of last August, half a script ready for them to
perform. There’s no doubt AD was the funniest sitcom in years and helped
propel its stars (Batemen, Cera, Arnett) into a wealth of films, some
hilarious (Youth In Revolt -pic, Blades of Glory), others so-so (The Switch, Hancock).
Whenever the final result hits our screens – and 2012 might be wishful thinking
still – it’s highly likely to be the comedy heroin we’ve been craving for so long,
and if successful, perhaps the start of a new series, or is that just pushing

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