The Last Of Us Video Game MIGHT Become A Movie

In News by Alex Moss Editor

With video games proving time after time to be bigger money-spinners than movies it seems only logical that Hollywood should continue to try and tap that market for source material.  Earlier in 2013 Naughty Dog released the PlayStation 3 exclusive game The Last Of Us and it seems Sony have now registered two domain names that could suggest they’re looking to make the game into a film.  Of course at this stage they could just be looking to block those domain names out should they want to make a movie in the future but the possibility of a film remains nonetheless.

The Last Of Us sees a near future in which spores have taken over much of humanity turning them into fungal infected zombie-like creatures.  What remains of humankind is desperate to find a cure but also waging a war within numerous different factions.  Joel is a gruff veteran of this world, having lost everything he holds dear in the original outbreak.  When he’s asked to smuggle a young girl called Ellie out of their camp he soon realises that she could hold the cure for humanity and, as their bond grows, will stop at nothing to protect her.  The game is a violent, often chilling look at humanity’s will to survive combined with a genuinely warm central friendship.  If it were to become a film think something along the lines of The Road meets Dawn Of The Dead.  Colour us intrigued.  Source – IGN