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Lochlyn Munro Talks Badge Of Honor

Actor Lochlyn Munro’s taken a walk on the deeper, dark side of life. Battling with his conscience as he struggles to make the right choice between good and bad. We are, of course, taking about his latest movie Badge Of Honor. Film Juice’s Janet Leigh catches up with the actor to talk undercover cops, Breaking Bad and working with the likes of Jonny Depp.

Badge Of Honor came out this week, tell me about the film.
It’s a small movie, which we shot in 16 days. It was tough to do because you just don’t have a lot of development time but there are lots of things I like about Badge Of Honor. I hope people like it.

And your character, undercover policeman David Miles, what drew you to play that role?
It’s always interesting to play the antagonist. There’s all this stuff going on with him (David). I wanted to see if I could find the layer of him that’s good in him but he has to overcome his greed and the corruption that’s going on around him. I enjoyed the dimensions of what I could bring to the character and I wanted the opportunity to show people that I could play something that dark and sinister (as oppose to comedic roles).

What was it like playing an undercover cop?
I actually have some friends who are under cover police officers. When I did research for the part, they told me, that sometimes, when people go undercover they start to get used to the lifestyle and it’s hard for them to get back. David is going through that situation with his wife, Natasha Henstridge’s character. He’s just started to take advantage of crime scene, money and he’s just caught in a spiral. He’s out of control and he’s trying to dig his way out.

Did having friends who were cops help you transition into the role?
Yeah, I think so. It was a nice opportunity for me to play a character like that. The more successful films that I’ve been in have been more of the comedic variety and I think people tend to forget that before Dead Men On Campus and Las Vegas my whole body of work was all made up of Drama.

Yeah, I looked at some of your past roles and realised you’ve done QUITE a lot of things.
I know. I’ve been very lucky to forge out a good solid career. I think for me, I’m a late bloomer type of person. I feel like only in the last couple of years that I’m sort of understanding the whole process. It’s just all coming together. There’s a certain confidence factor when you get a bit older. I have two kids, 11 and eight, and I think that added a lot of dimension into my work. I feel like 25 years is a really solid foundation that I’m able to now build upon and maybe I can branch out and really sort of tackle really interesting and deep characters.

What would be your ideal role at the moment?
I guess it’s more about story. I think about Christian Slater’s character in True Romance (I just love that movie) but then I think about Shaun Penn’s character in 21 Grams and that performance is amazing. I don’t know, I love a story that really takes me on a journey but then if someone said ‘Hey do you wanna be the next Jason Bourne?’ I’d be like Yeaaaah! It’s not so much about the specific character but the journey. I think that’s what I look for first of all.

You got into acting after your hockey injury?
Yeah, I was a drummer and a singer in my high school rock band and while I was laid up I got back into playing music. I really stated to get really passionate about it again and as soon as I realised my sports situation wasn’t going too pan out I started to get involved in the arts and entertainment in Vancouver. I started to play music with another guy. We would play all these clubs around Vancouver and then I started to meet people who were involved in film and television. A woman liked me for film and TV and I thought that would be kind of interesting to try so that’s kind of how it all happened.

Do you ever wish you were doing hockey again or has acting well and truly swayed you?
I love what I do now and I’m very lucky that I came out of something that I love and fell into something that I love and have had moderate success.

Who would you like to work with and why?
I think it would be really interesting to do a film with Nicolas Cage. He’s really fearless to me. It would be interesting to see him on set. It would be interesting to see his process and how him comes up with how he wants to play characters. I did scenes with Jonny Depp back in the day on Jump Street and stuff, he was an interesting guy back then. He really, really fought and that’s why he went in the direction he did. He just didn’t want to be that kind of guy that got movies based on the fact that he was really handsome. I’ve never met anyone that exudes natural coolness like Jonny Depp. Like what you see right now is exactly how he was in the late 80’s. To me he’s a real true artist. He’s able to take a very commercial thing like Pirates Of The Caribbean and create this amazing character that no one else would have thought of as Captain Jack Sparrow.

We’ve talked about all the roles you like to play but what do you enjoy watching to chill out?
My tastes are very eclectic. I can go from being fully entranced in a movie like Slumdog Millionaire and then I can chew on a Jason Bourne film or the movie Taken and just get lost in that situation. I love musicals. I love Moulin Rouge. It doesn’t matter what the genre of the film is, it’s just about being entranced in the story and just being blown away by the characters.

What’s next for you?
Well there are a couple of project that my friends that are working on that I may start this month. They’re event type movies, like disaster films. It’s kind of fun. He’s written some quirky characters in there. I’d also really like to do a TV series this year on one of these grittier cable networks kind of like AMC with Breaking Bad, I find AMC has really interesting programmes. That’s sort of my focus for the month of February.

Badge Of Honor is available on VOD now.

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