Today: March 4, 2024

Love Me Till Monday

Cute, funny and appropriately targeted, Love Me Till Monday never leaves the middle class realm in which it’s set, with its distinctly ‘first world problems’, but then that’s what and whom it’s about, so why should it?

Becky is a 25 year-old woman living at home with her never-present mother, apparently soon-to-be step-dad and near catatonic younger brother. She works in an office, looks after things at home and is looking for love. Hopelessly.

Poignant in its observation and commentary on post-university twenty-something life, writers Justin Hardy, Muireann Price and Jack Fishburn have created a very watchable and likable microcosm of modern life. Relatable and amusing for those who’ve been through it themselves but also digging a little bit deeper into what it is to be alive and alone. The aspirations of youth are unmatched by the realities of adulthood.

This depth comes from a combination of positives: Hardy’s competent and, at times, lyrical direction, a solid cast (notable mention for Tim Plester, who surprises with his range here), Matt Wicks‘ sun-kissed and intimately crafted cinematography, a well written script but, above and beyond the rest, Georgia Maguire‘s standout central performance. Her imp-like charm and innate shyness cleverly tempered with gentle strength and confidence, delivering an accomplished, bold and natural turn which will no doubt lead to more silver screen time in the coming years.

As an independent British film, with magic and romance at its heart, Love Me Till Monday succeeds in bringing a smile to your face and, really, that deserves a little praise.


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