Maroc 7

In DVD/Blu-ray by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

Maroc 7 is a curious beast. Cyd Charisse doesn’t dance. Comedy icon Leslie Phillips plays a psychopathic ex-con. And Denholm Elliott puts in a deliciously nuianced performance which proves that all those directors who hired him to simply play Denholm Elliott really had no idea what they were missing out on. In fact, part of the fun of Maroc 7 is that the leads were clearly hyped to be given a chance play roles that they wouldn’t normally be offered. The result is a hugely enjoyable Ocean’s Eleven style crime caper. 

Glamorous magazine editor Louise Henderson (Charisse ) uses her fashion shoots as a front to steal valuable artefacts. When supposed jewel thief, Simon Grant (Gene Barry), blackmails her into including him in her latest burglary, things start to get bloody… and it soon becomes clear that no one is exactly who or what they appear to be. Sadly Gene Barry is the weak link in a film which hinges on its characters, but that’s a minor complaint. Maroc 7 is an easy-on-the-eye, easy-on-the-brain watch that simply oozes ‘60s style. Just don’t ask why it’s called Maroc 7. 

Network’s re-release is presented as a High Definition restoration from original film elements in its original Panavision aspect ratio. 


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