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Mr. Selfridge is based on the real-life story of the flamboyant and visionary American entrepreneur, Harry Gordon Selfridge, who founded the world renowned store on London’s Oxford Street.

Mr. Selfridge Series 3 picks up the story in 1919, five years after the end of the last series and as the Great War is over. Selfridges has expanded dramatically and, even though Mr Selfridge continues to mourn for the loss of his wife, he and the rest of his family are moving forwards and concentrating on the excitement of the wedding of his daughter Rosalie. As the series continues, Harry puts his efforts into pursuing a new charitable project, chief accountant Mr Crabb is faced with a huge professional dilemma and Agnes, who works as head of display at Selfridges, meets an unexpected challenge very close to home.

Expect sprees of drama and thrills of desire, as Mr. Selfridge Series 3 is released on DVD from 20th April, with individual episodes available on digital download.

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