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Ordinary Execution, An

Set in the last few days of Stalin’s reign, An Ordinary Execution
is the Soviet Union’s history re-written; a story about the imagined
encounter between the ailing dictator and a young doctor, Anna.

Blessed, or rather cursed due to the extreme jealousies from her work colleagues, Anna (Hands)
has the ability to miraculously heal with her hands. Word spreads and
patients fight to get her attention. Office politics are further
heightened due the fact that almost every red-blooded male appears to
want to jump her bones. Beauty and talent does not appear to be doing Anna any favours. And there’s worse to come.

Her healing hands reaches the ears of the aging Joseph Stalin (Dussollier)
and he decides to take her on as his secret physcian to tend to his
aches and pains. Not a bad gig you would think, plum job with the
country’s number one man. Not so. Obsessed with keeping up appearances
and not wanting to look weak in the eyes of his people, the job comes with some harsh restrictions. The worse, being that in order to maintain the secret, Anna must split from her beloved scientist husband (Baer).
Anna must obey or face being hauled off to the infamous Lubyanka
prison.Not to mentioned, the ‘unexplained’ disappearance of her loved

Based on his own hugely successful novel of the same name, Marc Dugain’s debut feature, An Ordinary Execution, is grim, dark and intriguing as
Stalin reveals his ‘crazy’ through his incessant ramblings whilst he is
being treated. Hands is mesmerizing and excels in her role as the
passive paranoid doctor.

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