Out Of The Dark

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On DVD from Monday 22nd June 2015

From the producers of Pan’s Labyrinth and The Crazies comes this must-see horror packed with stunning visuals, edge-of-your-seat tension and big scares!

Julia Stiles (The Bourne Ultimatum) delivers another great performance, playing a mother who relocates to Columbia and discovers her new family home is haunted by the victims of its dark past…


Julia Stiles (The Bourne Ultimatum, Silver Linings Playbook, TV’s Dexter)
Scott Speedman (Underworld, The Strangers)
Stephen Rea (The Crying Game, V For Vendetta, Underworld)
Alejandro Furth (TV’s Criminal Minds, The Zero Hour)

Directed by
Lluís Quílez (feature film debut)

Sara (Julia Stiles) travels with her husband Paul (Scott Speedman) and young daughter to a small Colombian town, where she takes over the family business from her father (Stephen Rea).

But the town has a mysterious past – somehow connected to the old medical centre where Sara and her family now live – and it’s only a matter of time before the spirits of dead children begin to torment their lives. Can Sara uncover the dark secret haunting her family? Or is her own daughter doomed to become one of the ghostly children?