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The Unsinkable Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous women in the world, yet in her latest role she is unrecognisable as a physically and mentally scarred chronic pain sufferer who is searching for a way to find salvation.

The compelling, darkly comic and emotional story is now available on Digital HD, before coming to Blu-ray and DVD June 29, and to celebrate Jennifer Aniston’s critically acclaimed performance, we’re taking a look at her career defining moments as we wait to see what the actress turns her talents to next.

Friends (1994-2004)
Despite originally auditioning to play Monica Gellar, Jennifer Aniston gained international stardom with her character Rachel Green in the immensely successful Friends series. Winning a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her performance, she will perhaps stay in most fans hearts for being half of the most famous TV couple and inventing ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle.

The Good Girl (2002)
In between filming Friends, Jennifer Aniston signed up for a string on independent films including Office Space and Picture Perfect, but it was her performance in The Good Girl for which she received critical acclaim. Playing an unglamorous cashier who cheats on her husband with a younger man, the drama was a world away from what audiences had seen before and Hollywood took notice.

Marley & Me (2008)
After a string of successful comedy roles, such as Bruce Almighty and Along Came Polly, which saw the actress hold her own alongside some of cinemas funniest men, Jennifer Aniston starred in the heart-warming drama Marley & Me. Charting the ups and downs of a newly married couple after they get a puppy, critics celebrated Aniston’s realistic and moving performance and the film broke the Christmas Day box office record.

Horrible Bosses (2011)
With her good girl persona cemented in audiences’ minds, Jennifer Aniston shocked cinema audiences with her outrageously funny turn as a foul-mouthed nymphomaniac in Horrible Bosses. Threatening to blackmail her employee Dale with a fictional relationship, Aniston’s Julia becomes one of the targets of a trio of frustrated workers who think their lives will be much easier without their employers.

Cake (2015)
A passion project for Jennifer Aniston who campaigned for the lead role, Cake is the story of a woman who suffers from chronic pain after being involved in a tragic accident. Allowing her to finally test her dramatic chops, her performance was championed by critics and real-life chronic pain sufferers, and she was rewarded with a Golden Globe nomination.

Treat yourself to Cake on Digital HD download here:

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