Owen Wilson Top Five Scenes

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Since his first appearance in Wes Anderson’s debut film Bottle Rocket (1996) Owen Wilson has captivated audiences with his slow Texas drawl and offbeat delivery. Despite having the ‘Most recognisable nose in Hollywood’ Wilson can play the romantic lead as easily as he plays flawed anti-heroes. Famously good at improvisation, he injects a bitter-sweet quality into his comedy that gives us moments of subtle laugh out loud comedy.

Next up Owen plays eternal adolescent weatherman Steve Dallas in Matthew (Mad Men) Weiner’s ace new comedy Are You Here, which is out to download Now.

Weiner said about casting him: “I have to admit when I first started the script twelve years ago, from the beginning the person I wanted to play Steve Dallas was Owen Wilson. I’ve always thought he had a lot of depth and a great light comic sensibility. Even when he’s glib, I feel like there’s a person under there.”

Ahead of this week’s release, we take a look at his five of his best scenes below…

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) – Eli Cash
Wilson isn’t the focus of this film he penned with Wes Anderson, but Eli Cash’s slow breakdown is every bit, if not more, compelling than that of the protagonists.

Zoolander (2001) – Hansel
Everyone remembers Ben Stiller’s ‘Blue Steel’ but the film wouldn’t have been the joyride that it is without Stiller’s antagonist; the blissed-out and equally dim Hansel. The sparks fly as two (less than) great minds duel in their first spat.

Wedding Crashers (2005) – John
Here he is in one of his trademark smooth-talking roles, charming the girl away from a thuggish Bradley Cooper during a game of touch American football that is about to go horribly wrong…

Little Fokkers (2010) – Kevin
Meet The Parents (2000) set up the nightmarish possibility of Owen Wilson showing up as your better half’s ex-boyfriend. Two sequels later he is still at it. Watch him irritating the hell out of Ben Stiller in trademark style in this great clip from Little Fockers…

Fantastic Mr Fox (2009) – Coach Skip
The voice is so recognisable that audiences know it even when he’s playing an animated otter. Watch as Wilson steals the show from Jason Schwartzman and spins us through the rules of the weird and wonderful game of ‘Whackbat’.

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