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Paranormal Activity 2 DVD/ BR

More grainy footage shocks in
this spooky follow-up.

Paranormal Activity was released in 2009 it made Blair Witch Project (1999) style profits. Made for as little as 15K
and raking in roughly $183 Million at the worldwide box-office it was an
inevitability that a sequel would be put into quick turnaround in order to cash
in on the popular jumps and scares created by the first film. While Paranormal
Activity 2 continues the trend set by its predecessor it does little to build
upon it.

time out we follow the Rey family as an entity begins to reek havoc in their
lives. First the pool cleaning machine starts jumping out of the pool then the
dog starts growling at cupboards and before you know it mother Kristi (Grayden) is behaving strangely and a
dark family secret begins to emerge.

Although there is a 2 in the
title it is misleading, as Paranormal Activity 2 is more of a prequel to the
first film
It is not giving anything away to say that Katie (Featherstone) the protagonist from the original is here and not
possessed, yet. As such the film explores the back-story to the first in more,
if a little hockey, detail but never manages to live up to its billing.

There are still jumps aplenty
but they are created more through loud bangs than the subtle eeriness of the original
. Furthermore, the first film
had a neat concept as to why the camera was present to capture all the events
where as here the Rey family seem to live in a house constantly monitored by
CCTV cameras which make it feel a little forced. Sure it allows us to see a
broader range of the house but you begin to question why someone would need to
film their kitchen, are pots and pans that valuable?

Thankfully the ending manages
to go truly disturbing with some moments that will have a genuine chill
creeping down the spine
. So much so that in the home format viewing you might want to put your
sofa firmly against the nearest wall so as not to worry what is behind you.

it might not pack the first film’s out-of-the-blue excitement it just about
manages to live off its success and finds a way to up the ante just enough by
the end to have you worrying for the imminent third instalment.

Marcia Degia - Publisher

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