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Party On – Best Parties In Film

In Eli Roth’s new disaster film Aftershock (Main Picture) a group of revellers are in an underground nightclub in Chile when a massive earthquake hits. Although things quickly take a nasty turn … the party itself looks pretty amazing … prompting us to have a think about some of the other best party scenes in films.

Gatsby’s Saturday Night Parties
Gatsby’s first party in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby is potentially the most extravagant, crazy, mesmerising (and even a bit nauseating) party ever to be filmed. It is an over-excited blur of feathers, champagne, confetti, diamonds and balloons; 1920s vintage chic mixed with modern music (a favourite party-trick of Luhrmann’s). Regardless of whether Lurhmann manages to put the novel’s message across on screen, he definitely captures the glamour and the superficiality of the roaring twenties.

Mean Girls’ Halloween Party
Poor home-schooled Lindsay Lohan learns the hard way that in ‘girl world’, Halloween is not a time for scary costumes but ‘the one night a year where a girl can dress like a total slut and nobody can say anything about it’. This party is one of the funniest scenes in the film, especially when Lindsay’s full-on vampire bride costume terrifies another party guest so much he falls off a wall.

Bilbo’s Eleventy-First Birthday Party
It’s not often you get to celebrate an eleventy-first birthday. The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring does it well though – with generous helpings of food, drink and dancing. Party highlights include a dragon-firework and Bilbo choosing to leave fashionably early, rather than arrive fashionably late, to his own celebration.

Jules’ End of School Party in Superbad
It’s a fairly classic film-party set-up: nerdy high-schoolers make a last dash for popularity at an end-of-year house party. But, as is to be expected, things don’t exactly go to plan. Their mishaps at the parties they end up at are laugh-out-loud hilarious –and let’s not forget McLovin’s sensational ‘Boogie Man’ dance moves …

Zion Rave in The Matrix
Who wouldn’t want to go to an underground cave-rave with Neo and the gang? Exactly.

The Delta Tau Chi Toga Party
After watching Animal House, it has been decided that the music of Sam Cooke should be played at more house parties. Even if you don’t agree (and perhaps you’re right), the combination of an epic toga theme, graffiti-sprayed walls, plenty of punch and more than a hint of student rebellion makes this 1960s frat party a classic on-screen party scene.

An Irish Party in Third Class On Board the Titanic
‘So you want to go to a real party?’ Jack Dawson asks after dinner. While there was no way that Rose was ever going to say no, the party in Third Class certainly lives up to the hype. Everyone is happy, drunk and dancing around E-deck without a care in the world (sob). Party tricks include Kate Winslett standing on the tips of her toes and slow-motion dancing.

The House Party in Scream
This is not a party you’d want to attend. Honestly, you’re asking for trouble if you throw a party to celebrate the fact that your school has been closed because there is a serial killer on the loose! But, as this is the scene of the final showdown and the big reveal, it is more of a place to see, rather than a place to be. Plus, it does teach us some important lessons about the horror genre, namely: if you drink, take drugs or have sex while at a party … you will most probably die. 

Aftershock is now out on DVD/Blu-ray and EST.

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