Phantom Boy

In DVD/Blu-ray by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

Andee has a Rule. He never watches a film or read a book without scrolling to end to make sure the conclusion is satisfying. Sounds crazy, right? But think about it. How many times have you invested in a film – two plus hours of your life – to find that it all goes to hell in a handcart five minutes from the end. And Lost? Let’s not even go there.

Luckily Phantom Boy is a film that, despite its ominous premise, would definitely keep Andee smiling.

Leo has a secret. While in hospital being treated for cancer, he discovers that he’s able to leave his body and roam the city in spirit form. In the same hospital a cop is recovering from a broken leg. The two strike up an unlikely friendship that leads them to uncover the whereabouts of the notorious crime lord, the Face, who is holding New York to ransom.

This quirky production comes straight from the team that brought us A Cat In Paris and, while the animation isn’t big budget stuff, it has heaps of charm and style. However the real appeal is the story-telling.

Phantom Boy has something of the children’s TV serial vibe. It’s easy to see this is a lost classic from the era of Muskehounds and Box Of Delights. It’s that good.

With heaps of heart, adventure, and humour, this is 81-minutes of old school entertainment that should please everyone. Including Andee.