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Do you remember VHS, waiting three years for new films to come on TV and Blockbuster Video’s annoying late fees? If you do we, ahem, won’t ask your age, because like Jean Claude Van Dame’s career, these are all

Do you remember VHS, waiting three years for new films to come on TV and Blockbuster Video’s annoying late fees? If you do we, ahem, won’t ask your age, because like Jean Claude Van Dame’s career, these are all – thankfully – things of the past. Not that you need to be ancient to notice that the way we consume films has undergone a transformation of late, with advancements in technology making it easier for us to get our movie fix.

However, it’s more than that; film has captured peoples’ imaginations to the point where going to the cinema involves more than a large pop corn and a big screen in a dark room – it may be on a roof top or with a three course meal or streamed from your lap to your TV. Now, the rapture of movies can be savoured in variety of ways, at home and in-doors. To keep you in the know Features Editor Heidi Vella looks at some of the top ways to consume film.

Your own pop-up cinema

If you secretly harbour ambitions to be a projectionist or the local movie hero, then Dogwolf Pop Up Cinema is for you. They will help you bring movies to your location of choice.

If you are a charity, organisation, group of friends, individual, school or business and want to create a cinema in your back garden/club/cafe/farm (delete as applicable), Dogwolf Pop Up Cinema provides the licence and DVD, and depending on the package you pick, marketing material for your event – all you have to do is source the projector, if the venue doesn’t have one, and organise your event! Dogwolf Pop Up cinema has been used before as a charity event or to simply screen a new release that isn’t showing in a cinema nearby.

Cost: To screen classic films it costs £100 – £150, depending on your organisation. For new releases it costs between £150 – £500, with an online listing and marketing materials included. For more info visit here.

Stream movies from online to your TV

One of the most recent companies taking advantage of the movie consuming boom in the UK is Netflick. Originating from the US, where they started nearly 15 years ago, they enable subscribers to download movies to their lap top and then transfer to their TV. We love this idea because movies are always better and more easily shared when on a TV. To stream form your lap top to your TV all you need is a HDMI cable and compatible device, such as a smart TV or Blu-Ray player. As they are fairly new they may not have as big a back catalogue as other companies that also offer a similar service, such as Love Film, however, they assure us they are growing constantly. Blink Box also offer a movie streaming service, which you can learn more about here.

Costs: A standard fee of £5.99 a month for unlimited movies, with the first month free, and the option to cancel at any time.


Although the concept of 3D in the cinema is nothing new, it has been granted somewhat of a renaissance in the last five years with directors such as Martin Scorsese and James Cameron utilising the technology in their films. So it stands to reason that we should have 3D TVs in our homes, too. You can now buy 3D TV ready sets, which can work in 2D or 3D mode, or full 3D TV sets. These are compatible with 3D movies and special 3D channels, such as SKY 3D channel which shows movies, sport and TV programmes. All allow you access to the internet on your TV, which is also ideal for streaming movies. All else you need is a pair of 3D glasses – see our choice on our Geeks Wish List!

Costs: 3D technology doesn’t come cheap. The price of a 3D ready TV starts at around £400 going up to thousands.

Dinner and a movie all at once

Cinema giants Odeon are satisfy movie goer’s appetite for a more up-market cinema experience by offering a three course meal while you watch a movie at their Premiere cinema, The Lounge in Whiteleys shopping centre . Can it get any better than top-notch food AND a big-screen movie without lifting a finger? Fine food, complete with fine wine, is brought to your reclining leather seat while you watch the movie and more can be ordered at the touch of a button. On the menu you’ll find fried squid with rocket, crème fraiche and chilli jam; Red mullet and prawn risotto; Banana split with Valrhona chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream.

Cost: Tickets for the movie cost £18 for an adult. For the food finger dishes start at £6, mains at £7.50 and puddings £6.50.

Roof Top Cinema

Roof top cinema takes advantage of high rise outdoor city spaces for the enjoyment of watching film. As they mostly happen during the summer months – for obvious reasons – it’s hard to tell who will be taking advantage of this phenomenon this year. However, we do know The Queen of Hoxton in East London usually hosts rooftop movie screenings from around £9.50. The Camberwell Arts festival also hosts roof top screenings at St Giles’ Centre Rooftop in South East London, but check this year’s festival listings for times and venues.

Costs: around £9 per person.

Good ‘ol regular picturehouses

At first sight they may seem like nothing new, but look a bit closer and you will see that today’s cinemas are constantly evolving and are more than just domes projecting movies. You’ll find film quizes, opera, mother and baby screenings, special screening for OAPs, fine food, art, fully functioning bars and a general hub for all walks of life. For a full list of the best cinemas in London check out our ‘Best For What’ cinema listing feature.

Costs: Varies from venue to venue and what you consume!

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