Raindance Goes Online

In News by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

Gritty, edgy, downbeat and gloomy? No thanks, not in 2020! 

This year, Raindance celebrates the power of cinema to transform our emotions, to help us escape and to take us on an emotional journey far away from the here and now. Rather than be crippled by fear, Raindance believes that this is an amazing creative opportunity. 

Even with Covid locking us away in our homes, cinema has a profound place in our hearts and this year, Raindance, will bring a little bit of that magic to everyone everywhere. 

Due to COVID-19, this year’s Raindance Film Festival 2020 will take place primarily online, with a programme of films and immersive experiences available free of charge. But they need our help in order to return to the cinema next year. If you would normally attend the festival, please consider donating the price of a ticket so that they can continue to champion independent film.

Visit https://www.raindance.org for more information.