Raw Limited Edition Blu-ray Unboxing

In Features by Samuel Love

One of the most disturbing and original horrors in recent cinematic memory, Raw gets a hugely welcome Limited Edition release thanks to the brilliant Second Sight Films. Julia Ducournau‘s film charts a young veterinary  student’s decent into a dark world and manages to do that rare thing; be both utterly horrifying yet hauntingly emotional. A coming of age story akin to Let The Right One In that doesn’t so much portray a loss of innocence as it does the consumption, digestion and regurgitation of it.

We feasted our eyes on Second Sight Films’ tasty new Limited Edition Blu-ray release…


Special Features

  • The Girl Can’t Help It: a new interview with Actor Garance Marillier
  • Making Ends Meat: a new interview with Producer Jean des Forets
  • New audio commentary by film critic Alexandra West
  • Audio Commentary with Julia Ducournau and film critic Emma Westwood
  • In the Name of Raw: an interview with Director Julia Ducournau
  • A Family Affair: a new video essay by film critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
  • Raw À Votre Goût – a featurette with Julia Ducournau & film critic Emma Westwood
  • Quick Bites with Julia Ducournau & film critic Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
  • Genre Matters Panel Discussion
  • Australian Premiere Introduction
  • Australian Premiere Q&A with Julia Ducournau and Kier-La Janisse
  • Alternative opening, deleted scenes, trailers
  • New optional English subtitles for the hearing impaired

Limited Edition Contents

  • Rigid slipcase
  • Perfect-bound booklet with new essays by Hannah Woodhead and Emma Westwood plus interview with Julia Ducournau by Lou Thomas
  • 3 collectors’ art cards

RAW is available now on Limited Edition Blu-ray from Second Sight Films