In DVD/Blu-ray by Janet Leigh

When you assemble a cast such as the one in Results (Cobie Smulders, Guy Pearce, Kevin Corrigan, Giovanni Ribisi, you get the picture) great things are expected. However toss them all together in this supposed comedy and what you get is a bland romcom with a thin plot and an even thinner grasp on humour.

Fitness fiend Kat (Smulders) is by far the most interesting character. Anger, trust and control issues make for a complex personal trainer who attempts to whip newly rich client Danny (Corrigan) into shape.

Danny unintentionally forces Kat to re-examine her life, sparking off a journey of self-discovery much to subtly lovesick Trevor’s (Pearce) dismay.

If you’re a purest who likes to consume a movie with very little knowledge of plot eager for the twist to surprise you or that element that hooks you in deeper then you’ll be waiting a long time with Results. The pace of the film is tremendously slow and for a while it’s unclear what director Andrew Bujalski is trying to show us. Is it the dysfunctional relationship of Kat and Trevor? Could it be Kat’s inner demons (for which the root cause is never explained)? Is it awkward Danny? Or perhaps all three.

For a while is seems it could be Corrigan’s Danny who catapults the movie into compelling action; never quite sure if he’s going to fully become the weird stalkerish perv he appears to be. However, by the end it becomes disappointingly clear that he is just a loner, not quite sure what to do with his inherited riches and struggling to find a new identity since divorcing his wife. All of which would be fine if the rest of the movie had meatier context.

That said Bujalski wraps up the movie in a nice, neat bow; he delivers a clear-cut, concise ending even if he didn’t adopt the same method to get there.

All in all a disappointing watch that just doesn’t deliver results.