Ride Along 2

In DVD/Blu-ray by Janet Leigh

As movies go, Ride Along 2 isn’t a thought-provoking piece of cinematic viewing. It won’t stretch your mind or keep you on your toes but it will provided that quick hit of entertain.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube make the ultimate comedy duo as unpredictable cops Ben Barber and James Payton trying to bring down business drug lord Antonio Pope (Benjamin Bratt).

The plot unfolds in shambles around the two as Ben’s desperate attempts to prove himself to James lead them into multiple dangerous scenarios.

Sound familiar? That’s because it is. Large chunks of the plot echo the original movie, proving that there has been no growth neither for the characters or the narrative.

That aside, director Tim Story is skilled when it comes to setting up those laugh-out-loud moments that carry the movie through an uninspired plot. As entertaining as it is to see Kevin Hart’s calamity cop style unravel Ride Along 2 lacks meaty intrigue. Especially since the main villain is revealed quite early on making the movie much about how they catch up to what we already know.

Performance wise, hats off to Kevin Hart for his slapstick-style of comedy. His OTT, brash portrayal of over zealous Barber works well against Ice Cube’s standoffish manner.

Olivia Munn’s Maya character isn’t one we haven’t seen before. Tough, no-nonsense female cop, who can ‘ride along’ with the best of them is almost as cliché as ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’. However hackneyed this role may be, Munn carries it out with such conviction that it is enjoyable to watch.

Will Ride Along 2 go down in the history of greatest movies ever made? Probably not but it will go down well with a couple of beers and a curry on a lazy Saturday evening.