Seventh Sword

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Released on DVD and digital platforms from 26th January, 2015

Prepare yourself for this medieval fantasy epic, as SEVENTH SWORD: AVENGING THE THRONE comes to DVD and digital platforms from January 26th, 2015 courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

In late 1300s Malta, five soldiers are returning home from battle, hungry and exhausted, when they stumble upon a fort. What was meant to be a one-night stopover rapidly escalates into a whirlwind of intrigue and an epic sword fight for retribution. Will a beautiful woman change their destiny? Or are they doomed to die in their quest to protect their land against invaders?

In a directorial debut from Raymond Mizzi, starring Andrei Claude (Fedz, Act I) and Joseph Calleja (The Immigrant), SEVENTH SWORD: AVENGING THE THRONE depicts a thrilling fight

for revenge in the heart of the Mediterranean. In a film where Game of Thrones meets The Hobbit, fans will find themselves captivated by this unpredictable adventure.