Spider-Man Unites Sony And Marvel

In News by Alex Moss Editor

It’s been touted for a long time but it’s finally happened that Spider-Man has united Sony and his original creators Marvel into both having a say in his future.  Marvel head Kevin Feige and Sony head Amy Pascal have come to an arrangement whereby Sony will maintain control over the character but he will be allowed to appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

So what does all this mean?  It’s all a little vague at this point but what does seem clear is that while Sony will continue to produce stand-alone Spidey films Marvel will be allowed to include the character in some of their upcoming films.  The first film in question would seem to be Captain America: Civil War with Spidey playing a big part in the original comic book and therefore fitting nicely into the Captain America Vs. Iron Man storyline as two factions of heroes battle over whether or not all superheroes should have to reveal their true identity.

What is even less clear is where this leaves current Spider-Man leading man Andrew Garfield.  While some have deemed his two Spider-Man films less than stellar many agree he has been the best thing about them. So what do you think?  Should Sony and Marvel stick with Garfield or should they cast a new actor to mark the dawning of a new age as Marvel and Sony unite to be one hugely box office unstoppable force? Source – Marvel