Spike Lee Strikes Gold?

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Spike Lee, who is currently putting the finishing touches to his remake of Korean film Oldboy, has taken over directing duties from Michael Mann on Gold.  Mann had shown an interest in bringing the story to screen but he’s currently deep into development on his cyber-thriller starring Chris Hemsworth.  Gold is based 1993 true story of the Bre-X Mineral Cooperation mining scandal.  The film will follow a rough-around-the-edges prospector who supposedly stumbles on to one of the biggest gold mines in the Indonesian jungle.  With Bre-X announcing their find they saw their shares sky-rocket only for it to later be revealed that there was no gold and the company was essentially worth nothing.  Billions were lost and at least one person lost their life in the fallout.  Crash director Paul Haggis originally brought the project to Michael Mann as an example of the work of writers Patrick Masset and John Zinman but he liked it so much as to put it into development.  With him now departed Lee could make it his next project after Oldboy with Haggis remaining as a producer.  Oldboy is set for a release towards the end of this year.  Source – The Wrap