Steven Spielberg To Direct Live-Action BFG

In News by Alex Moss Editor

It seems nothing short of a match made in heaven but news that Steven Spielberg will direct an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG comes as a hugely pleasant surprise.  While he did recently direct the mo-cap Tintin, Spielberg has been more focused on adult fair such as War Horse, Lincoln and Munich so once again teaming with E.T. writer Melissa Mathison to adapt Dahl’s book promises to be a ‘must see film’.  Famously adapted into an animation back in 1989, The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) tells the story of Sophie who meets the titular giant as he tries to provide happy dreams for the children of the world while also protecting them from his much larger, and meaner, brethren.  Spielberg’s slate is always littered with potential new projects, with Indiana Jones 5 still sitting atop his IMDb page, but the news is that he’ll start shooting The BFG next year for a 2016 release date. Source – The Hollywood Reporter