Stiller And Wilson Confirm Zoolander 2

In News by Alex Moss Editor

Best get your best Blue Steel look prepped and ready for action as Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson just rocked up at Valetino’s Fashion Week to confirm Zoolander 2 is happening! The pair, in their Derek Zoolander and Hansel guises, strutted their stuff to a typically ’80s tune in the form of The Human League’s Don’t You Want Me Baby, to announce that Zoolander 2 is not only happening it will be released as soon as 16th February 2016.

It’s a project that, like Anchorman 2, has long been in demand from the fans and the filmmakers themselves with Stiller in particular, who also directed the oringal, anxious for a big screen return.  Well it seems Paramount have finally bowed to popular pressure with the news that Stiller’s Tropic Thunder co-write Justin Theroux will direct the film.  We’ll also see Owen Wilson and Stiller both returning to their previous roles with the presumption being that Will Ferrell will also return as evil fashion designer Mugatu. Stiller’s off and on-screen wife Christine Taylor is also expected to return with news that Penelope Cruz may be added to the cast in an as yet unknown role.

So what do you think? Are you ready for more Blue Steel or Magnum? We are, we’re even practicing our walk-off technique by watching Stiller and Wilson in the below video. Source – Paramount Pictures via Twitter.