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Summer Blockbusters 1

The summer movie season is almost upon us once again and The Hunger Games and Wrath of The Titans have given us an early taste of what’s on offer.

The summer
movie season is almost upon us once again and The Hunger Games and Wrath of The
Titans have given us an early taste of what’s on offer. From superheroes to
wimpy kids, as usual, there is something for everyone to enjoy this summer. To
whet your appetite for what’s coming Chris Suffield highlights some of the most
anticipated films to be released this summer.

(Main Picture): Joss Whedon’s
highly anticipated Marvel team up arrives with a last minute 3D
conversion. Iron Man, Thor, Black
Widow, The Hulk, Nick Fury, Captain America and Hawkeye will be officially kick
starting the summer movie season on May 4th.

Shadows: Tim Burton
’s big
screen adaptation of the cult TV series sees Johnny Depp play a vampire
for the first time. Depp plays Branabas Collins, who after being imprisoned for
200 years returns to the family estate to find it in ruin. Featuring Michelle
and Helena Bonham Carter. In cinemas 11 May.

Both Borat and
Bruno were big box office hits, and Sasha Baron Cohen’s latest creation
is likely to do the same. Cohen plays General Aldeen, a dictator from the
fictional Middle Eastern country of the Republic of Wadiya. Expect cringe
worthy comedy and cameos from Megan Fox and Ben Kingsley. In cinemas 18

Based on the much loved board game, an
army of alien ships descend over the ocean and only a small fleet of
battleships stand in their way. True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard, Taylor
and Liam Neeson are some of the humans facing off against the
alien armada. In cinemas 11 April.

What To
Expect When You’re Expecting:
Based on
the bestselling books by Heidi Murkoff, five interconnected couples experience
the joys and surprises of impending parenthood. Cameron Diaz, Jennifer
Lopez, Chris Rock
and Glee’s Matthew Morrison make up some of the
soon to be parents. In cinemas 23 May.

Men in
Black 3 (in 3D)
After a 10 year
absence the men in black are back. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their
roles as Agent’s J and K in this third installment. This time Agent J (Smith)
travels back to the 1960s to prevent an alien from assassinating Agent K and
changing the course of history. In cinemas 25 May.

Snow White
and The Huntsman
: Adding a spin on the classic tale, the
Huntsman ordered to kill Snow White ends up her guardian and trains her to
fight the evil Queen Ravenna and her army. Kristen Stewart is Snow
White, Chris Hemsworth is the Huntsman and Charlize Theron
relishes in her villainous role as the Queen. In cinemas 1 June.

Prometheus Director Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated return
to sci-fi sees him delve back in the established world of Alien. Whilst not a
direct prequel, the origins of the notorious space jockey will be explored and
other elements from his 1979 classic will appear. Featuring Guy Pearce,
Naoomi Repace
and Michael Fassbender. In cinemas 1 June.

Rock of
Based on the Broadway musical, the movie version sees Tom Cruise,
Mary J Blige, Russell Brand
and Catherine Zeta Jones sing classic
80s rock songs in the jukebox musical. Featuring songs from Asia, Twisted
Sister, Journey and Bon Jovi, you can expect outbursts of singing at your local
cinema. In cinemas 15 June.

Chris Suffield