Today: February 25, 2024


Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock’s Storyboards

No one doubts the genius of Alfred Hitchcock, but it takes a book like Alfred Hitchcock Storyboards to remind us exactly why the iconic filmmaker was one of the most influential figures
February 9, 2024

De Palma

“Anybody who has a career, it’s a miracle”, says Brian De Palma.  De Palma gives a rare insight into a film director that has divided audiences and critics for years. It’s an entertaining
September 21, 2016

The Birds Remake Takes Flight

Brace yourselves because as far as remakes go this one might take a little stomaching. It’s one thing to try and remake a classic Hitchcock film, see Disturbia as a remake of
March 13, 2014

Keira Knightley To Take Up Typing?

Keira Knightley, the actress last seen in Anna Karenina, is set to star and produce in the film version of Suzanne Rindell’s upcoming novel The Other Typist.  Set to be published later
June 27, 2013


HITCHCOCK ON BLU-RAY AND DVD, 17th JUNE 2013 Behind every Psycho is a great woman – as revealed in HITCHCOCK when it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on 17th June, 2013 from
June 19, 2013

Genre Defining

Let’s face it, for years films have been filed under labels known as genres.  It’s all to do with the content and style of a film that allows us to quickly sum
May 29, 2013
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