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Super-Women On Screen

Strong, independent women on screen are important role models for girls. TV’s Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) is just one of the growing list of on screen women who kick ass and give sass. To celebrate the release of Supergirl seas...

The Intern

The Intern wants you to know that it’s OK for women to want it all. Women! It yells. You can run your own start up and have a perfect family all while being irredeemably kooky! Or not, if you don’t want to! Just do what you wan...


#ReelNews – Chris Pine, Extraordinary Gentlemen, Alicia Vikander & More

Not content with captaining the Starship Enterprise as Captain Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek franchise Chris Pine is now in talks to take on the equally daunting task of being Wonder Woman‘s love interest.  Pine is appar...


Best Actress Transformations

Truly great actresses are able to become their characters, alter their image and inhabit their personalities as we forget they’re a movie star and focus on the story that is being told on screen. Dropping the glitz and glamour ...

Anne Hathaway Could Star In The Burning Woman

It seems writing a spec script with a specific actress in mind could work out for Brad Ingelsby who wrote The Burning Woman with Anne Hathaway now considering the lead role.  As with his last film The Burning Woman will be set ...


Interstellar – Interviews

Released in cinemas on Friday 7th November 2014 Interstellar is The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan’s epic journey into science fiction.  Starring an all-star cast led by Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey here are i...


Interstellar director Christopher Nolan is, like the protagonists in his latest film, something of a pioneer, a filmmaker who likes to carve his own path and ignore the studio rules as to what a film should adhere to. There are...


Matt Damon Goes Interstellar

Just when you thought the cast of Christopher Nolan’s next film Interstellar couldn’t get any better the director goes and adds even more star power with Matt Damon.  The actor, currently in cinemas with sci-fi opus Elysium, jo...