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Jessie Eisenberg Talks Now You See Me

This week, our four favourite magicians – The Four Horseman – are back with their own blend of astonishing illusions and bold heists! Now You See Me 2 is an action-packed thrill-ride with a fantastic ensemble cast that includes...

Breaking The Mould

It’s not easy being typecast. You rock up for the audition, super keen to play an emotionally challenged romantic lead in what is promised to be the biggest hit of the year, but all the casting director sees is your genre-re-de...


Daniel Ragussis Talks Imperium

Buoyant and clearly still brimming following the release of his film Imperium, director Daniel Ragussis sits down with Film Juice’s Janet Leigh to discuss the thriller that cast former Harry Potter Star Daniel Radcliff.  Once J...

Make Your Own Franken-Friend

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe star in a dynamic and thrilling twist on a legendary Frankenstein tale. Radical scientist Victor Frankenstein (James McAvoy) and his equally brilliant protégé Igor Strausman (Daniel Radcliffe) ...


#ReelNews Star Trek, Radcliffe & Pinocchio

In this weeks #ReelNews we get our Star Trek on, see what Daniel Radcliffe is up to and let no strings hold us down with Pinocchio. A double whammy for the third in the franchise of rebooted Star Trek films this week as directo...


Daniel Radcliffe Q&A

Daniel Radcliffe has been acting since the age of nine, when he played the young David Copperfield opposite Maggie Smith in the BBC’s 1999 adaptation of the classic Dickens story. But it was in 2001, when Radcliffe was cast as ...
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What If

Looking back over Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter career there are glimpses that he might make a quirky lead in later life. But What If demonstrates more than anything that the Boy Wizard has a wonderfully self-deprecating scre...



While the author of Horns Joe Hill may sound like a Batman villain he is in fact the son of horror maestro Stephen King. And like his dark minded dad Hill seems to have a wondrous ability to tap into a macabre, twisted sense of...


Horns tells the story of Ig Perrish, a man suspected of raping and murdering his girlfriend who awakes one morning to find he's grown horns.