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From Hotel Del Luna, to All of Us Are Dead, from Uncanny Counter, to Space Sweepers, the Republic of Korea has produced some of the most innovative, daring, and out-and-out cute films and
March 16, 2022

You Were Never Really Here

On the surface, director Lynne Ramsay‘s You Where Never Really Here is a film about a hitman fighting to rescue a young damsel in distress. Doesn’t sound like anything new. Bursting out
March 29, 2018

The Wonders

Watching The Wonders teaches you a lot about making honey. Long and intricate – very long, very intricate – sequences give a step by step guide to this rural industry, as we
July 7, 2015

Return to Sender

There’s a definite feeling with Return to Sender that person(s) behind the scenes have strategically positioned this film in order to cash in on the considerable success and critical acclaim that surrounded last
May 22, 2015


Harrowing, bleak and ultimately tragic, Still makes for very hard viewing. That’s not to say it’s without its merits. Aiden Gillen gives a strong central performance which draws you into this dark
May 7, 2015

A Little Chaos

A playful story, A Little Chaos picks up after a very slow paced start and delivers an entertaining watch. Kate Winslet’s performance is strong and earnest as landscape gardener Sabine de Barra,
April 15, 2015

Catch Me Daddy

Prior to Catch Me Daddy, Daniel Wolfe‘s exhilarating modern-day western, its director was best known for The Shoes’ music video Time to Dance, in which Jake Gyllenhaal sporadically kills off hipsters in Dalston with hammers and a fencing sword. There are
February 25, 2015

A Most Violent Year

Writer/director J.C. Chandor’s profile has continued to rise in recent years through ambitious and diverse output. His critically acclaimed, Oscar-baiting All Is Lost (2013) demonstrated his ability to coax a poignant yet complex performance out of Robert Redford with little-to-no dialogue. Whilst
January 12, 2015


There are no two words more dangerous in the English language than ‘good job'” – this proclamation, ardently declared by Jazz instructor Fletcher (JK Simmons), serves as Whiplash‘s tagline. This phrase comes
January 11, 2015

Third Person

In the decade since his Oscar-bothering Crash, Paul Haggis has spent more time as writer than director. His latest directorial foray, the insipid, supercilious Third Person, suggests he should probably spend more time bashing out Bond films. Third
November 11, 2014
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