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The Closer We Get

In 2008, filmmaker Karen Guthrie and her mother Ann Guthrie decided to make a documentary about their family. Despite being in Ann’s words ‘rivetingly normal’, they both knew their story was anything
November 2, 2015


Home has it all. Humour, charm, and heartfelt sentiment. Yet there’s something oddly missing in this polished buddy comedy. The Boov are well-meaning aliens who invade Earth in an attempt to hide
March 19, 2015

What We Did On Our Holiday

Anyone who’s seen an episode of Outnumbered will be well prepared for What We Did On Our Holiday. Creators Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin have taken the show’s formula – a hopelessly
September 22, 2014

How To Train Your Dragon 2

For any sequel, measuring up to the success of the first is always tricky but writer/director Dean DeBlois may just have a winning formula on his hands with How to Train Your
June 28, 2014


Perhaps a touch indulgent, definitely sentimental, Chef brings you the story of Carl Casper on his tornado of decline from promising leading cook to destitute internet joke; all the time ignoring his young son,
June 16, 2014
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