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Arrival starts as it means to go on, with a hyper-stylish and realistic approach to the Sci-Fi genre. No wonder on the style front, as at the helm is Denis Villeneuve, the director behind Prisoners and Sicario. The realism play...
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Based on the publicity photos alone the last person you’d ever want to step into a boxing ring with would be Southpaw’s star Jake Gyllenhaal. He’s by no means the first actor to go through a physical transformation for a role b...



For a long time Southpaw was developed to be rapper Eminem’s follow-up role from 8 Mile. Writer Kurt Sutter wanted to use the boxing metaphor for Eminem’s own struggles to get his life back on track. But with the music industry...


Tak3n sees Liam Neeson return as Bryan Mills who has been framed for murder.


Who Would Win In A Fight?

Out Of The Furnace features a cast of well-respected actors who also happen to have an awesome rep as on-screen hard men. With a selection of roles under their belt that showcase their ‘tough guy’ personas – and to mark t...

Out Of The Furnace

Christian Bale leads an all-star cast in Out of the Furnace, a gritty drama centred on the lives of two brothers, Russell and Rodney Baze, living in small town America and struggling to find meaning in their lives following the...


Forest Whitaker In Talks For Martin Luther King

Forest Whitaker, soon to be seen in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, has entered talks to play Martin Luther King for Paul Greengrass’ long-gestating project Memphis.  The film, which Greengrass also wrote, follows the build up to King...