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The Howling

Released just four months before John Landis’ bigger budget An American Werewolf In London, The Howling was an indie success story that spawned seven follow-up films and three novels. That success undoubtedly owes much to Rob B...
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Small Soldiers

When a toy company accidentally programmes action figures with military tech, the Commando Elite begin to act like real soldiers … with the peace-loving Gorgonites in their sights … and regardless of who else gets caught ...


Festive Film Starts Here

“Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems in a place perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams. For the story you’re about to be told began with the holiday worlds of auld. Now you’ve probably wondered wh...

Gremlins Are Rebooting

Gremlins, they’re nothing but trouble and yet they hold a special place in many a film fans’ heart.  So for those who treasure the little green monsters that Joe Dante brought to life in 1984 might want to stop reading now.  It...