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Mummy Mania

Discoveries in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings in the 19th Century captured the public’s imagination as never before. From mummy unwrapping parties to huge, travelling exhibitions, Victorian Britain revelled in mummy mania—and the ...

Phoebe Fox Talks Woman In Black

The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death is the must-see sequel to the most successful British horror film of recent times – The Woman In Black. To celebrate its release on DVD and Blu-Ray, we spoke to its star Phoebe Fox about...


The Woman In Black: Angel of Death

The Woman in Black from 2012 was the biggest success (so far) of the recently revived Hammer Films.  Capturing much of the essence of Susan Hill’s novel, along with a big dose of old fashioned gothic, it was a huge success at t...
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Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell

The Curse of Frankenstein in 1957 was a milestone in British film, especially for the studio that made it.  While they’d made many movies before, including horror titles, it was this that defined what a Hammer Film was.  ...