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Hit Series Gets The Folio Treatment

If you’re a fan of Epix’s dark-comedy Get Shorty—which has just been renewed for a third season—then the Folio Society’s new edition of Elmore Leonard’s crime-aper is sure to hit the spot. While the 1995 film, staring John Trav...
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Killing Season

Director Mark Steven Johnson takes a blunt approach to this action–thriller starring Hollywood bigwigs, John Travolta and Robert De Niro. Johnson shies away from none of the brutality in this two-man showdown (with a few small ...

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Blow Out

Blow Out director Brian De Palma has spent most of his career paying tribute to other filmmakers.  Whether it’s the gangster movies of the 1940s, with Scarface and The Untouchables, or his unashamed homage to Alfred Hitchcock, ...

Anthony Hopkins Goes Gangster With Gotti

Anthony Hopkins, last seen under a ton of makeup in Hitchcock and soon to be seen in RED 2, has joined the cast of mobster biopic Gotti.  The film tells the story of John Gotti, from the point of view of his son, who rose in th...