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If you’ve been following Eureka’s kung fu releases, then their latest blu-ray will have you whooping for joy. Directed by legendary action choreographer Yuen Woo-ping (The Matrix; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Dreadnaught is...
DVD And Blu-ray

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

A bi-opic it isn’t, but Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story never-the-less makes what CBS-TV called “an immeasurably entertaining movie”–ablaze with comedy, romance, and spectacular martial arts sequences. From a childhood ...

DVD And Blu-ray

Ip Man: The Final Fight

Since the first Ip Man film in 2008, starring Donnie Yen, the story of Bruce Lee’s tutor has captivated Hong Kong film-makers. While that first film – and its sequels – used Ip as a vehicle for kick-ass action, many...

Lovely Jon’s Celluloid Obscura: Toughing It Out

Celluloid Osbscura returns, dedicating itself to the more unusual, esoteric Blu Ray and DVD releases that may have escaped your attention.  So, get with it and wallets at the ready for this month’s round up of off radar gems.  ...