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Escape From New York

If you’ve ever played Metal Gear Solid, Duke Nukem, FallOut, or BroForce, then you’ll know just how deeply John Carpenter’s Snake Plissken has managed to embed himself in popular culture.  This November, the film that launched ...

Fast & Furious Featurette

Fast on the heels of 2015’s Fast & Furious 7 – one of the fastest movies to make a worldwide box-office $1 billion – comes the newest chapter in one of the most popular and enduring motion-picture serials of all...


Deepwater Horizon

Last time director Peter Berg and star Mark Wahlberg teamed up they gave us the visceral experience that was Lone Survivor. Spoilerific title aside Survivor told a relentless story of survival. There was unquestionably a desire...

The Hateful Eight

Like the characters on offer in the film itself The Hateful Eight has not had an easy journey. When Quentin Tarantino was first writing it someone leaked an early draft of the script online. In typical QT fashion he blew a gask...


Could Fast & Furious 8 Head To New York?

The seventh film in the franchise isn’t even out in cinemas yet but while out promoting the film star Vin Diesel hinted that Fast & Furious 8 could head to New York.  Talking to Jimmy Kimmel Diesel said that he has pl...

DVD And Blu-ray

Big Trouble In Little China

Considered something of a box office flop upon it’s original cinema release – making just £11 million of its £25 million budget back in cinemas – Big Trouble In Little China went on to become something of a cult classic on the ...

Big Trouble In Little China

  BLU-RAY & LIMITED EDITION STEELBOOK UK RELEASE – 16th December Arrow Video is thrilled to announce 16th December 2013 as the confirmed release date for Big Trouble in Little China, one of the most hotly anticipated B...


Fast & Furious 7 Looks To Add Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell, no stranger to fast moving cars and vehicular murder thanks to his turn in Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof, is in talks to join Fast & Furious 7.  Little is known about the role Russell could potentially play ...