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Old School Geezers

Looking at the current crop of movies coming from both sides of the Atlantic it’s clear that old age isn’t what it used to be. Rather than taking it easy, some of
July 20, 2017

Going In Style Featurette

Oscar winners Morgan Freeman (Million Dollar Baby), Michael Caine (The Cider House Rules) and Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) team up as lifelong buddies Willie, Joe and Al, who decide to buck
April 4, 2017

Jessie Eisenberg Talks Now You See Me

This week, our four favourite magicians – The Four Horseman – are back with their own blend of astonishing illusions and bold heists! Now You See Me 2 is an action-packed thrill-ride
November 4, 2016


A beloved, multiple Oscar-winning epic remade by the director of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – what could possibly go wrong? The obvious and correct answer is quite a bit. Timur Bekmambetov turns
September 6, 2016

London Has Fallen

London Has Fallen begins with the exact same plot as its predecessor Olympus Has Fallen, a terrorist cell plans to capture and execute the American president played by the chiselled Aaron Eckhart.
March 3, 2016


With all the likes of Superman, Iron Man and Batman flying about our screens it’s a fair question to ask; where are all the female superheroes? It’s not like there is a shortage of them in comic
January 11, 2015


Great sci-fi films have the ability to tap into very real issues that potentially face mankind in the future. Artificial Intelligence is nothing new to cinema, dating back as far as Fritz Lang’s
August 19, 2014


The hilarious film follows the cast as they reunite to take over the Las Vegas strip on a blowout bachelor party like never before. Having been best friends since childhood, the group
June 9, 2014

Dolphin Tale 2

Dolphin Tale 2 is the sequel to the 2011 film based on a true story of a boy's efforts to save an injured dolphin.
June 9, 2014
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