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DVD And Blu-ray

Citizen Kane – Ultra HD Collector’s Edition

Few, if any, films have left as long lasting and indelible mark on cinema as Orson Welle’s Citizen Kane. At 80 years old this year it is still considered one the most important films ever made. For those who study, love and mak...
DVD And Blu-ray

Orson Welles Great Mysteries: Volume Two

Airing for only one 26-episode season from late 1973 into early ’74, Orson Welles’ little-known Great Mysteries series certainly failed to achieve the same success of Alfred Hitchcock’s shows that Welles was clearly trying to i...

DVD And Blu-ray

Moby Dick

One of the all-time epics, Moby Dick is the latest film to be given a blu-ray makeover, with a fully-restored version available to buy this November.  Based on the bestselling book by Herman Melville, scripted by Ray Bradbury, ...
DVD And Blu-ray

The Immortal Story

Orson Welles had long been a vocal fan of Karen Blixen when French television approached him about adapting one of her stories. The director of Citizen Kane had been hoping to produce a series of films based upon Blixen’s writi...


Trevor Howard Box Set

In celebration of the centenary of the birth of Trevor Howard STUDIOCANAL is pleased to announce the release of:   TREVOR HOWARD BOX SET   BRIEF ENCOUNTER THE THIRD MAN (SPECIAL EDITION) ODETTE OUTCAST OF THE ISLANDS HEART OF T...