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Total Recall

What’s not to love about Total Recall? It has a screenplay by Dan O’Bannon (Alien), based the short story, “We can Remember it for you Wholesale”, by Philip K Dick. It has Arnie at the height of his pomp, as both action hero an...
DVD And Blu-ray

The Running Man

Whichever way you look at it, The Running Man is something of a curiosity. It’s a sci-fi film, written by an horror author—Stephen King. It’s an ‘80s Arnie blockbuster that looks like a made-for-TV movie. And it’s a film with h...



Paul Verhoeven – he of Total Recall, Basic Instinct and, of course, Showgirls – is back with Elle, an audacious, genre-bending bang, conjuring forth a blackly comic masterpiece that contains enough material to make ...

The Man Behind The Films: Hollywood Banker

Frans Afman was independent cinema’s most high profile moneyman. He was behind 900 films and changed the way independent films were made. During the ‘80s and ‘90s he was responsible for financing Oscar winners including D...