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DVD And Blu-ray


Prison dramas are certainly nothing new. There are countless films and TV series set inside ‘the big house’, from the harrowing tales like Animal Factory to the overall uplifting like The Shawshank Redemption. Falling somewhere...

Final Fantasy Mega-Teaser!

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, the action-packed, feature-length epic from the global gaming phenomenon, debuts on digital, DVD and Blu-ray, this month. Using beautiful, state-of-the-art CG technology, the revolutionary new mov...


The Martian

Space has always been cinema’s final frontier. With a long successful history of exploring the outer regions of our galaxy, Hollywood has engaged, humbled and awe-struck audiences the world over. Considering the recent cr...

Eddie Redmayne Could Have A Theory Of Everything

Eddie Redmayne, last seen singing away in Les Miserables, is apparently in talks to star in Theory Of Everything.  The project will tell parts of the life story of Professor Stephen Hawking, specifically looking at his relation...