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There is a moment early on in Vacation where Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) tells his sceptical family, who apparently haven’t heard of the original 1983 film, that “the new Vacation will stand on its own”. He’s lying of course, bec...

Jonathan Goldstein & John Daley Talk Vacation

You wrote and directed this film together.  How does that work for you? JG:  We pretty much do all of it all together, directing in the same way that we write. It’s always in the same room. We don’t go off and do separate scene...



Everyone’s favourite ill-fated family are back, The Griswolds! Join them as they go on the road again for another hilarious adventure and with Vacation available to own on Blu-rayTM, DVD and Digital HD from December 14, we’re g...

Funniest On Screen Families

The Griswolds are back in hilarious comedy Vacation – out in cinemas now. The film follows on from the National Lampoon classics and, in true Griswold-style, disaster strikes the next generation of the calamitous family a...