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The Essential Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is truly an international superstar. She has appeared in both critically acclaimed modern French classics such and Hollywood blockbusters, and won awards on both sides of the Atlantic. April sees her appear in Little White Lies, directed by her partner Guillaume Canet, which was one of the biggest hits ever at the French box office. Which means it’s the perfect time to look down the essential Marion Cotillard movies….

Love Me If You Dare

This dark romantic fable was not Cotillard’s first leading role, but it was the first to bring her international acclaim. Cotillard stars alongside Guillaume Canet as childhood friends and seemingly star-crossed lovers whose relationship never seems to tip over being just platonic. The film was also a notable chapter in Cotillard’s life for other reasons – the onscreen couple got together in real life. Cotillard and Canet are still together and expecting their first child this summer.

The Taxi Trilogy

French cinema isn’t all art house – they produce many a mainstream action movie every year. Cotillard became a household name in France as the token love interest in the first three entries of this Luc Besson-produced, Lethal Weapon-inspired blockbuster franchise. In truth, she doesn’t have much more to do than be rescued and look pretty, but she does that impeccably, and the films are far better than many of their American counterparts.

La Vie En Rose

The shock of the 80th Academy Awards was with a doubt the then-unknown-in-America Cotillard trumping Cate Blanchet and Ellen Page for the Best Actress statuette. It was well deserved though, as she delivered a stunning performance as French singer and cultural icon Edith Piaf. It was also the first time that award has ever been presented for a French speaking role, and truly the moment that launched Cotillard as an international superstar.

Public Enemies

Michael Mann’s big-budget period gangster epic was Cotillard’s first big Hollywood role after scooping the Oscar. Starring alongside heavyweight talent like Johnny Depp and Christian Bale, there might have been fears she could have been overshadowed, but she completely held her own as Billie Fechette, the real life love interest of Depp’s John Dillinger.


Expectations were sky high for Christopher Nolan’s follow up to The Dark Knight, and when it finally debuted last summer it didn’t disappoint. Amongst amazing ensemble cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Cillian Murphy and Michael Caine, Cotillard stood out as DiCaprio’s scheming, tortured dead wife, and brought much need humanity and pathos to the visual and intellectual fireworks.

Little White Lies

After her international success Cotillard has returned to her homeland for her latest film, which has been one of the biggest box office successes in French cinema history. Directed by Guillaume Canet, as the follow up to his breakthrough hit Tell No One, the film follows a group of friends decide to go ahead with their annual beach vacation, despite one of their number being involved in a motorcycle accident. Over the course of the summer their relationships, convictions, and friendships are sorely tested, and they are finally forced to own up to the lies they have been telling each other. The film is funny, tender, tragic and poignant, and features another superb performance from Cotillard.

Little White Lies is cinemas 15 April 2011

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