The Flaxton Boys: The Complete Series

In DVD/Blu-ray by Paula Hammond - Features Editor

Rating: 3/5.
A fondly remembered and cozy children’s drama from Yorkshire Television.

Release Date: Out now.
No. of Discs: 8
Screen Ratio: 1.33:1 / Colour
Running Time: 1288 mins

There’s an element of Victorian melodrama to The Flaxton Boys. You know the shtick: wicked villains, hidden treasure, and the sniff of a ghost or two.

Airing between 1969 and 1973, the series ran to 52, 30-minute episodes. When I’m Not Okay With This only gets one season, it’s hard to fathom how The Flaxton Boys managed four but, then, these were different times. 

Children’s TV was in its infancy and, with only three channels to choose from, pretty much anything that aired was sure to be given a good run. And that’s really how these vintage shows need to be approached. Yes, they’re slow, often poorly acted, with a predominantly middle-class worldview. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There’s charm aplenty here and you quickly find yourself rooting for the good guys, booing the villains, and watching just one more episode to see how things will play out. 

The Flaxton Boys is a traditional boy’s own adventure series—emphasis on the boys—which takes place over four generations. 

The tale starts in 1854 when 12-year old Jonathan inherits the mysterious and supposedly haunted Flaxton Hall. In 1890, the tale picks up with Peter and David, who must go in search of Jonathan’s son who has gone missing under mysterious circumstances. In 1828 Flaxton Hall is about to turned into an orphanage, when series of hauntings send workmen fleeing in terror. The final season is set in 1945, when Matthew and evacuee Terry are brought together by a shared adventure.

Don’t expect any surprises but, if you’re in a binge-watch mood and fancy something cozy, then The Flaxton Boys might just do the trick.