The Nightingale Limited Edition Unboxing

In Features by Samuel Love

Making its long-awaited Blu-ray debut in the UK, The Nightingale is a gut-churningly powerful Australian Western horror that will leave you speechless. The second feature from lauded director Jennifer Kent (The Babadook), the unflinching tale of vengeance is a brutal testament to determination, bravery and hope in an unforgiving time. Beautifully shot and flawlessly performed, this modern masterpiece is a difficult watch but one that is richly rewarding and hauntingly beautiful, and celebrated distributor Second Sight Films have given the film their usual passionate ‘Limited Edition’ treatment. The result is a truly gorgeous release that deserves a place in any self-respecting film enthusiast’s collection.

Take a look at our video below for a closer look at this breath-taking set…

Special Features

  • She Will Not Be Silenced: an interview with Actor Aisling Franciosi
  • Sometimes Trouble Finds You: an interview with Actor Michael Sheasby
  • Just Making Light, Sir: an Interview with Actor Damon Herriman
  • I Surrender: an Interview with Actor Harry Greenwood 
  • Taking Flight: an interview with Producer Kristina Ceyton
  • Assembling Vengeance: an Interview with Editor Simon Njoo 
  • Building Something Special: an Interview with Production Designer Alexander Holmes 
  • Hear her Voice: an interview with Composer Jed Kurzel
  • ‘Bloody White People’: A Video Essay by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
  • The Nightingale in Context
  • The Making of The Nightingale
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • New optional English subtitles for the hearing impaired

The Nightingale Limited Edition Blu-ray is available 8 February from Second Sight Films