The Purge Getting A Sequel

In News by Alex Moss Editor

The Purge, the horror-thriller currently in cinemas starring Ethan Hawke, is set to get a sequel.  Having kept After Earth at bay and topped the US box office a sequel was always a likely possibility.  More crucially though the film only cost $3 million so the producers are no doubt rubbing their hands with glee.  The film is set in a near future in which once a year all laws are put on hold for twelve hours meaning all nefarious types can do as they please.  The upside is crime has fallen but the downside is the rich and well-to-do have to secure their homes for fear of being prayed upon, which is exactly what happens to Ethan Hawke’s family.  There’s no concrete word as yet as to whether or not writer-director James DeMonaco will return for the sequel.  Source – Vulture