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The Top Ten Dramedies of the last Decade

Step aside bromance, fugly tweens and romcoms,
dramedies have arrived. One minute you are on the verge of tears and the next
you are cracking up and laughing in hysterics. Dating back to the popular 90’s
film, The Truman Show starring everyone’s favourite funny man, Jim Carrey, dramedies
are back setting the pace in 2011. The latest addition is the DVD and Blu-ray
It’s Kind of a Funny Story starring
Zach Galifianakis
and Kier Gilchrist,
released from 6th June. Below we take a look at the top 10 dramedies
and their memorable quotes:

It’s Kind
of a Funny Story (2011)

Craig (Kier Gilchrist) finds
himself in a world of teenage depression, anxiety, stress and romance and as a
result he checks himself into an adult psychiatric ward. Trapped in the ward
for the next five days, Craig is befriended by Bobby (Zach Galifianakis),
another psychiatric patient with whom he forms an unlikely bond with.

Bobby: Why would
you want to be in school in the summer? You should be on Coney-island
bird-dogging some chicks

Craig: Are you a doctor?

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The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

Chas Tenenbaum (Ben Stiller) and his fellow gifted siblings experience great
success in their youth, followed by great disappointment and failure after
their eccentric father leaves them in their adolescent years.

: Who’s your

: His name is Royal

: You told us he was
already dead.

Chas: Yeah, well now he’s really dying.

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Lost in Translation (2003)

A movie star with a sense
of emptiness, Bob Harris (Bill Murray),
and a neglected newlywed, Charlotte (Scarlett
), are two Americans who meet up as strangers in Tokyo. Bob and
Charlotte cross paths one night in the luxury hotel bar, developing a unique
closeness and ultimately discovering a new belief in life’s possibilities.

Charlotte: That was the
worst lunch.

So bad. What kind of restaurant makes you cook your own food?

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Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder)
is a listless and
alienated teenager who decides to help his new friend Pedro (Efren Ramirez) win the class presidency
in their small western high school, while he must deal with his bizarre family
life back home.

Pedro: Do you think people will vote
for me?

: Heck yes! I’d vote for you.

Like what are my skills?

: Well, you have a sweet bike. And you’re really good at
hooking up with chicks. Plus you’re like the only guy at school who has a

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Juno (

Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) is an offbeat teenager who is faced with an unplanned
pregnancy and the subsequent events that put pressure of adult life onto her.

: Your parents are
probably wondering where you are.

: Nah… I mean, I’m already pregnant, so what other kind
of shenanigans could I get into?

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Up in the Air (2009)

Bingham (
George Clooney) is a corporate downsize, leading an empty
life out of a suitcase, travelling around the country. The film follows his
isolated life and philosophies along with the people he meets along the way.

: Would you like the

: What?

: Would you like the can, sir?

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Must Go (2010)

Nick Halsey (Will Ferrell) is an alcoholic who relapses,
causing him to lose his wife and his job. He decides to stage a yard sale on
his front lawn in an attempt to start over. He befriends his new neighbour who
might just be the key to his return to form.

How much
did you have to drink?

In my
opinion…not enough.

High Fidelity

Rob Gordon (John Cusack) a
record store owner and compulsive list maker; recounts his top five breakups,
including the one in progress.

Rob Gordon: I can’t fire
them. I hired these guys for three days a week and they just started showing up
every day. That was four years ago.

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Garden State

Andrew Largeman (Zach
) is a quiet and troubled young man who returns home for his mother’s
funeral after being estranged from his family for a decade. In addition to
mourning the loss of his mother, Andrew attempts to adjust to life with out numbing
antidepressants that he recently stopped taking. He reconnects to his past and
is introduced to a woman who he seems to have little in common with, Sam (Natalie Portman).

Sylvia Largeman
: I made you something. It’s a shirt.

: Thats… That’s good, thank you.

Sylvia Largeman
: Will you try it on now?

: Now?

Sylvia Largeman
: Well, in case I have to fix it before you leave
again and we don’t see you for another nine years. I wanna make sure it fits.

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Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

The Hoover family take a cross-country in their VW bus from Albuquerque
to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in Redondo Beach, California, to fulfil
their youngest daughter’s, Olive Hoover (Abigail
), wish of taking part in a beauty pageant.

: I’d like to dedicate this to my grandpa, who showed me these

: Aww, that is so sweet.

[Audience applauds]

: Is he here? Where’s your grandpa right now?

In the trunk of our car.

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