The Top Five Gadgets In Film

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There’s no doubt that filmmakers have created some inspired gadgets and gizmos but with Jupiter Ascending soaring into cinemas on February 6th, it’s time to prepare for a whole host of new inventions to add to your wish list! To celebrate the film’s release we take a look at five of the best gadgets that cinema has had to offer.

Hoverboard: Back To The Future Part II
2015 is the year Marty McFly travelled to in Back To the Future Part II. Despite this being the year we now live in, we are no closer to getting jackets that dry themselves and petrol stations operated by robots. However, if scientists could just make one gadget from this movie then we it would have to be the hoverboard. It was cool in the ‘80s, and it’s still cool today.

Lightsaber: Star Wars
Drop your guns and swords, there’s only one weapon of choice for would-be Jedis – the lightsaber. Designed as much for elegance in combat as for ceremony, and not as clumsy or random as a blaster, these iconic glowing were the formal weapon of the Jedi Knight. Plus they make really cool noises.

Magnetic Watch: Live And Let Die
Whether it’s x-ray glasses, a jetpack or an underwater car, Q always came up with the best gadgets. In Live And Let Die, Bond is given a Rolex Submariner to deflect bullets and attract knives and ammo. Many of us who were teenagers back in the day, tho, will remember how Roger Moore used it to unzip the dress of Bond girl, Miss Caruso. Smooth Mr Bond. Very smooth.

Neuralyzer: Men In Black
The Neuralyzer was the MIB’s signature device – used to erase the memories of witnesses to alien sightings. With handy settings to eliminate minutes, days, weeks and even years from your recollection, agent J (Will Smith) refuses to grasp its coolness – especially if you’re prone to screwing up a lot!

Gravity Boots: Jupiter Ascending
From the makers of The Matrix comes Jupiter Ascending and with it comes a lot of exciting new cinematic gadgets. Channing Tatum plays Caine, a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, who’s mode of transport of choice is a pair of gravity boots which he uses to great effect to zoom around the streets of Chicago and the stunning landscapes of other worlds in a bid to protect Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis). Forget the self-lacing shoes, these babies actually make you fly!