This Time with Alan Partridge – Series 2

In DVD/Blu-ray by Samuel Love

Like a fine wine, Steve Coogan’s iconic love-him-or-loathe-him presenter Alan Partridge just gets better with age. First appearing a staggering 30 years ago on BBC Radio 4’s On the Hour, the character has changed a lot over the years but is still unmistakably Alan – and across TV, books, podcasts and a feature film, there’s certainly been plenty of his content to go around. But the latest outing for the character – BBC One’s This Time – could just be his finest hour yet.

Spoofing current affairs programmes such as The One Show and Good Morning Britain with a hilariously accurate observational eye, the series is often uncanny with its portrayal of the bizarre features and interviews that it includes. Following the impeccable first series from early 2019, Series 2 of This Time builds upon everything the first series did so well while also including a stronger narrative between the broadcast scenes and more for Lynn (Felicity Montagu) and Simon (Tim Key) to do. 

While this second series doesn’t quite have any moments as instantly memorable as Alan’s Irish lookalike from the first, the series is still absolutely packed with hilarious gags – some overt, some hidden away waiting for repeat viewings. And therein lies the magic of Alan Partridge. There is a longevity here, thanks to the wonderfully layered and complex humour packed with references, in-jokes, foreshadowing and Easter Eggs for long-time Partridge fans to enjoy. This one is going to be enjoyed and quoted for many years to come.

This Time with Alan Partridge: Series 2 is textbook Partridge, packed with quotable dialogue and some of Alan’s most hilariously glaring broadcasting faux pas to date.

Both seasons of This Time with Alan Partridge are available on DVD, individually or as a boxset, from BBC Home Entertainment